Ilona Petrovna

Writer / Singer


My name is Ilona. By day I’m an education researcher & consultant. On my long commutes home I fill my time with thoughts, podcasts, and lately- song writing. If you were to sit in traffic with me on my way home from work, this is what you would hear: thoughts about life in verse and song at the top of my lungs. So join me for an "I-5 session”.


Carousel Ride

There is an old Russian poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko that says “stop the earth, I want to get off, I am so tired and I want peace.” In my so-far short time on earth, I’ve learned one thing: life slows for no one. If that is the case, take the ride your own way.


Simpler Times

I often hear the nostalgic recollections of the generations before me. I find that my mind also wanders to a better time. The themes of memory, legacy, and childhood are universal, they just sound different as we tell them. The last few lines of this song are my love song to Odessa, Ukraine- the place of my first memories.


Love You In Irony

Ever wanted something you can’t have? That dream job you got passed for, the school you applied to, that exciting opportunity you didn’t get. You may have had someone tell you “just let it go.” This song is an anthem for the dwellers of a land called “longing.”